Unlimited Calling
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Have Broadband.. then get iTelFone services
to save on your phone bill by up to 90%

iTelfone offers the ideal internet phone service by providing unlimited local, long distance & international calling for only $19.99/mo. Using your current broadband internet connection and our VoIP adapter, that is simple to setup, you can place and receive phone calls the same way as regular landline phones. Also, you can decide to keep your existing phone number (by porting over the desired number) or we can assign you a new phone number altogether. iTelFone provides better coverage and more features at a greater substantial saving.

Do not have internet service or
need to keep landline for home security?
iToggler™ can save up to 90% on your long distance and international phone bills. iToggler™ seamlessly routes your calls through internet platform even if you don't have internet! There are no Access or PIN numbers to dial. Your dialing habits remain simple (1+ Number for long distance and 011+ Number for international calling). iToggler™ works with any touchtone phone, so there is no need for any additional phone equipment to be purchased. iToggler™ does not require any external power. Installation is simple – just connect iToggler™ between your phone equipment and phone jack and you are on your way to save money on all your long distance and international calls.

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unlimited calls to 60 countries

Unlimited Calling

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